So you want a free voice over, huh!

Not many people will give you a free voice over. But I will….

I’ll do up to one session of :30 of audio a month for you for free. Call it a welcome handshake, a test before working together for $$$, a lead generator, or me just getting to do what I love in my home voice over studio. I like to keep busy and gain experience voicing different sounds and styles. I do have a voice over business that¬†charges a small fee that I create from the same home voice over studio I use for free voice overs.

Professional gear delivering broadcast quality audio from an experienced voice talent. You normally don’t get that kinda stuff for free.¬† Whatever I cut is use to yours forever in whatever project you need. Voice Overs for:

Free Commercial Voice Overs

Free Video Voice Overs

Free Power Point Presentation Audio

Free DJ Drops

Free DJ Intro

Free Radio Show Intro

Free Podcast Intro

Free Voice Mail Greeting

Custom Voice Mail Greeting

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